And Now, the Rest Of the Story … Or, Rather, the Mystery Of the Ages

I don’t keep up with good ole Ronny very much these days.  Why bother?  Those who can see he is a false prophet already know it.  Those who are determined beyond reason to be deceived will never know it until something drastic shakes them out of their hallucinations.

Well, it seems that he’s published some new drivel called The Rest of… Mystery of the Ages, and unlike some reports it actually is available on  And no, you will have to look it up yourself if you really want to read it.

I got up to the part (I think page 5) about how the Bible doesn’t mean what it says and “Word” means only “word” in Jn 1:1 but it really means something else in v 14, where it means Jesus, but that should have no reflection upon the meaning in v 1 because, you know, Ronny tells us so.  For those who aren’t aware, Weinland believes that Christ didn’t actually exist until He was born of Mary.  It’s also why I threw away one of Art Mokarow’s books.  It seems to be a pet heresy of some in COG circles these days.

At any rate, Weinland publishes “four final truths” to add to HWA’s restored truths.  I guess the total is now 36?  I stopped keeping count a while back, but I thought we were up to 50+ by now.

I guess the newest bombshell (I assume it is new.  Again, 2008 was such a long time ago…) is that God created evil.  I think he means that God created free will, which allows choices for both good and evil.  That’s just a guess.  I never finished that degree on psychology, and it could be dangerous for a lay person to try too hard to understand the mentally unstable.

I sincerely mean it, Weinland.  If you are reading this, go get some professional help.  You need help facing reality.  There is no tribulation yet.  Jesus won’t be back for at least 3.5 years (and, probably at least 7 from what I can tell).  There are no nukes going off in America yet.  You were wrong, so please man up and admit it like you promised you would!

Repent, Ronny, repent!

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