Reflections: Things I Like About the Feast of Tabernacles

Some of the things I like about the Feast, in no particular order:

1. Concentrated time to study and worship God.  It can be difficult in our day to day lives sometimes to properly study, pray, meditate and worship.  The Feast gives us an opportunity to make up any deficiencies in these areas.

2. Concentrated time to spend with brethren and/or family.  Some Feasts have been good times to catch up with family, especially if I hadn’t seen them in a while.  Some Feasts have had little or no family but lots of time to spend with brethren.

3. Time to simply relax.  Let’s face it: Life these days is pretty stressful.  The Feast can be a time to relax and let go.

4. God’s presence.  I can’t explain it, but at the Feast I feel closer to God.  Perhaps that’s because Jesus promised that where 2 come together in His name, He would really be there (in Spirit).  How much more when it is 200?  700?

5. Time to restore hope.  This world can discourage you, drag you down and make you feel as though the weight of it is on your shoulders.  The Feast of Tabernacles pictures a time of restoration, a time of peace and a time of righteousness.  The Feast is a little chunk of hope you can take with you throughout the year.

What things do you like about the Feast?


  1. I'd start by saying I like the break from routine.

    While there's a "routine" of sorts at the Feast in terms of traditional annual format and activity, it's different from what I experience 50 other weeks per year.

    There's also a change in terms of other speakers and other views exchanged — both in the service and outside it. This year one man in a foyer spilled to me a series of ideas about why Jesus could come in 2015 (delayed 40 years from 1975).

    Oh yes — and second tithe allows me to dine at nice places I never visit the rest of the year. Such as Waffle House. 🙂