UCG Updates

How about some positive news for a change?  A couple of updates on Inside United: Realtime caught my eye.

In “Message from the Chairman and President”, Melvin Rhodes and Dennis Luker give a short update on talks with one of the Latin American ministers.  Basically, the good news is that people are talking with each other rather than about each other.  Maybe that sounds cynical, and maybe it is, but the history of the Church unfortunately has sometimes gone the other way.

In another item, one of my favorite UCG booklets, The Ten Commandments, has been updated.  It’s about 3rd on my list of UCG booklets.  #2 is probably Jesus Christ: The Real Story, and #1 is probably The New Covenant: Does It Abolish God’s Law?  You can find all of these on http://www.ucg.org/booklets/.  But, of course, that is just personal preference and not some doctrine. Smile

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