Reflections On 9/11 And Fall Holy Days: Have We Learned Anything?

6,000 years or so of humanity.  Have we learned anything yet?

On the physical plane, we have successfully fought some diseases, sent men to the moon and back and have created such a connected world that we often fight “information overload”.

And yet, we still have famines (mostly man-made), wars (obviously man-made) and plagues (often as a result of the first two items).

9/11.  It’s hard to hear or read it without some emotion.  Did we learn anything from it?  Did we learn the right things?

Interestingly enough, it comes in the midst of the fall holy day season this year.  Have we learned anything from the holy days?  Have we learned the right things?

I submit to you that the answer for the majority of the people on this planet, the answer is, “No.”

Whether we are talking about 9/11, the holy days, the Sabbath or a myriad of other subjects, the answer is the same.  People are going about picking the fruit that looks nice, but it is the wrong tree.

Instead of doing what God wants and submitting to God, many are busy creating a god in their own image.

Most people like their idols, though.  They are convenient.  When they need something, they can take the idol off the shelf, dust it off, pay homage to it and ask for what they want.  Once they are satisfied or once the sting of whatever bothers them passes, the idol goes back onto the shelf until next time.  There is no change in behavior or attitude; it is only a ritual.

It basically allows them to decide what is right and wrong in their own eyes.  It allows them to pick what they want from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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