Yes, It Is About One Man and One Woman

I don’t usually write a lot about homosexuality.  The reason is simple: In the end, it isn’t any different than any other sin.  Certainly, a few have written about how it’s worse or unnatural or whatever.  Yet, what sin isn’t bad?  What unrepentant sin will God overlook? How much worse can you make the Lake of Fire, anyhow?

I have alluded to the moral degradation and the effect upon the family as a result of divorce as well.  I haven’t gone into much depth there either, as there is plenty of literature out there detailing how harmful it is – especially to children.  However, it does bear mentioning.

One thing that does not get a lot of press, though, is polygamy.  Except for some odd corners concerning underage marriages, there isn’t that much written about it.  I suppose it is because it is still illegal in the US and Canada.  Of course, once the gay marriage hurdle has been knocked down, it will only be a matter of time before someone declares that they are entitled to polygamous marriages.

As a side note, my bet is that it will be a Muslim that will sue for the right.  The liberal politicians will bend over backwards to tolerate a Muslim stance but not, for instance, a Mormon one, just as they will allow a mosque near Ground Zero but refuse the rebuilding of a landmark Orthodox church.

Well, back on topic, ReligionNewsBlog reported that “Polygamy is harmful to society, scholar finds”.  Not only does it always trend towards driving down the age of marriage (as in recent FLDS cases and of course Islam’s general rule that 7 is the age of potential marriage), but the lack of ability of the parent to interact with the children results in developmental problems.  Since polygamy almost always is one man to more than one woman, it results in inequality between the sexes in several ways.  To be completely honest, it turns women into property.

Unfortunately, the Bible reveals that slavery will be with us even at the end of this age.  People will continue to view others as objects to fulfill needs rather than as other human beings.  It will take the restoration of God’s way of life on the earth to enable the dignity of all human beings who are created in the image of God to be restored.


  1. As a single man, I only have one thing to say to polygamous "worshipful" husbands.

    It's called SHARING!