UCG and Leon Walker Talk

According to a “Message from Council of Elders” on UCG’s blog Inside United: Realtime:

On August 11, 2010, at the home office in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Council of Elders met with Leon Walker to discuss the situation in Latin America with the express hope of calming the unrest among elders and members throughout the world. Although no decisions were made, we are pleased to report that a cordial discussion ensued.

This is certainly welcome news, and I hope and pray that any misunderstandings will be cleared up and that a Spirit of cooperation [intentionally capitalized] reigns over future talks as well.

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  1. The COE message speaks of "reconciliation." I suppose that could mean everyone worshiping together again, under one association "roof."

    But could it also mean agreeing to disagree, and discussing some kind of "divorce settlement"? The COE minutes note this Wednesday meeting was an executive session which lasted most of the day.

  2. John D Carmack

    @Richard: I, for one, would take either version of reconciliation over the dueling Internet messages.

    Personally speaking, I have wondered for some time if UCG has lost sight of its original vision of "association". Maybe this is a chance to rectify some of that.