More on Aaron Dean From In-Transition

[Note: I fixed the link to Aaron Dean’s sermon. Sorry about that.]

A source who wishes to not be named sent me a link to “Aaron Dean, aide to Herbert Armstrong and Joseph Tkach Sr., speaks” from the old In-Transition newspaper.  It’s really quite the read.  It is from a sermon Aaron Dean gave in Big Sandy, Texas when the congregation was still part of UCG.

One quote I really liked was, "God, please let this be my trial and not my preparation for one."  I think I need to start praying that myself!  Another is, “If God wants you to do it, He’ll make you do it. And, if He makes you do it, He’ll help you do it."

It’s another insight into the new Treasurer, and I hope you are as uplifted, encouraged and educated as I was reading it.


  1. Excellent read! I've only been in the church for about 5-6 years, and I had no idea who Aaron Dean was. This was amazingly uplifting, and it really helped me gain some perspective of what it means to be a servant in the church.