The Just War, Part 11: The Politics Of This World

In Part 10, we saw that Christians will fight in a war. However, it will truly be a “war to end all wars”. That war will be necessary because it will only be by great power and great might that the armies of this world will put down their weapons and stop fighting. It will be a righteous war because at the helm of this great army of Christians will be Jesus Christ Himself. It will be a just war because it will punish those who are causing war. Their own fruits will be brought upon them.

Now, however, we are not to fight. As noted in Part 10, we are not of this world (Jn 18:36).

That means we should not be part of the politics of this world, either. It is not our government that is currently in charge! Should we really be doing all we can to support the Satanic governments of this world, to include an unholy alliance between church and state? I don’t think so.

Yet, the evangelicals of the US would have you believe that we are to engage actively in politics. However, can we really engage in the politics of this world and be left untouched by it?

The politics of this world engages in compromise and political expediency. It is often reckoned to be better to win 1/3rd of a battle than to lose everything. Yet, a Christian is supposed to stand up against all evil. Abortion is murder, no matter if it is in a bill that explicitly says so or it is hidden in a health reform bill. There is no compromise on issues of morality.

Yes, we need to be obedient to powers placed over us (Ro 13:1) unless of course it contradicts God’s word (Ac 5:29). Consider that even reviling against Satan, the one placed in charged of this earth originally, is dangerous business (cf. Jude 9).

However, we must remember that we willingly surrendered to Christ. We willingly acknowledged God is in charge of it all. We have submitted to the highest authority in existence. Are we to now surrender ourselves unnecessarily to the ways of the world?

Consider this, as the next part is “Willing Servants of Sin?”

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