Central Israel Oil Well Can Produce “Commercial Amount”

The Haaretz Daily Newspaper online reports that a “Commercially sized oil field found in central Israel, firm says”.  While oil has been previously found in Israel, this is the first one that can produce enough to be considered commercially viable, estimated to be worth 470 barrels a day.

COGWriter Robert Thiel wrote about this find in “Oil Field in Israel”:

The nation of Israel has had a lot of bad news, and could stand some good news.  But any good news there is not biblically expected to be for very long.

I have never been able to find the source, but I have long heard speculation about oil in Israel.  I mean, why would Israel out of all the nations in the Middle East not have oil?  Supposedly, a geologist came up with a theory that vast oil reserves actually exist under Israel, however it requires much deeper drilling.  Has anyone else heard this rumor?  If so, do they know the geologist or at least a reputable source?

When you think about end time events, this sticks out there as a possible explanation for a number of things.

Why would the King of the North be so interested in Israel?  Why would the King of the South push back so hard?  And, most of all, why would the Kings of the East even care?  Oil would be a natural explanation for much of it.  And, if there was tension between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, then that would be one resource that could be used for political maneuvering.

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