The ADD World

I was working on a computer the other day that didn’t have a CD drive in it.  So, I tried to boot it from a CDROM hooked up externally, and that didn’t work.  So, I tried to boot and install Windows from a USB thumb drive.  That didn’t work.  Meanwhile, Outlook on my main laptop was doing something crazy, my BlackBerry shut itself off for no apparent reason, and the Internet connection kept cutting in and out.  Meanwhile, I was getting calls right when I was trying to take a desktop apart.

You know its a tough day when your interruptions get interrupted.

And yet, isn’t that the world we live in?

Studies have shown that kids who watch a lot of TV have more difficulty concentrating.  Yet, we are surrounded by much more gadgetry now than when most of those studies were done.

Are we teaching ourselves to have short attention spans?  Could it be that those with ADD have been molded just as much as born that way?  Perhaps one who is inclined to a short attention span would have gotten by in days without so many distractions but with all of today’s distractions the problem is aggravated.

What does the Bible say to do?  To meditate.  To concentrate deeply on the things and ways of God.  We must put effort into it.  We must decide to do it and carry through on it.

Just a minute, the phone’s ringing … OK, what was I saying again?

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