His Story

The Bible is full of history. As some have put it, “His story”.

I heard a sermonette last Sabbath that some would find unusual in Church of God circles – as sad as it is to say.

The speaker started talking about a fictitious person who told everyone he was the star in a movie. He invited everyone over to see the movie, served them popcorn and soda and put on the movie. The movie plays on for a period of time, then suddenly, he stands up and says, “There!” Everyone looks at each other and then the host. “Didn’t you see?” The host then rewinds back to a scene, pauses the movie and points to an obscure figure in the background with his back turned to the camera. This “star” was just an extra in the movie, and not even a recognizable one at that.

The Bible story is not about us. Central to the story is Jesus Christ.

It has been said that the Bible is a book about God’s dealings with human beings. Is that the way it is often treated? Prosperity preachers would have you believe it is all about you and what you can get out life. The question is whether or not we treat it as though the central characters are God and His Savior or ourselves.

Yet, as the sermonette speaker pointed out at the end of the message, we are not just movie extras. No, Jesus is the main character, but we are the ones He saves in the story.

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