New Blog?

It seems that someone, who incidentally doesn’t give a lot of information about themselves just yet, has started up a new blog Views from the East Mountain – Revisiting the works of Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong.  There is only one post up on it so far, and it is a pretty lengthy one.

The author seems to be making a point about the Gospel only being preached twice.

It is important to establish at the outset that the gospel should only be preached twice, no more no less, and that Christ and His original apostles were the first to preach it.  Matthew specifically mentioned that Christ did preach the gospel to the Jews in synagogues and, while He was at it, He sent His disciples to the lost sheep of the House of Israel to do the same:

Can’t say I agree with that, nor do I understand why “prophesy again” in Revelation necessarily excludes multiple forerunners.

If the author is leading up to not preaching the Gospel in our day and age, then I’ll just have to say he’s sadly mistaken.


  1. The author's also mistaken to call Herbert Armstrong "Dr."

    He may have received an honorary doctorate, but he preached against doctors for so…. naaah, I'd better not go there. :-O