Verifying the Account of Matthew

An oldie but a goody. Every once in a while, you hear the claim that the NT wasn’t written until decades after the Apostles all died. Sometimes, you even hear claims that it was centuries. The Good News in the November/December 1997 edition has the article “When Was the New Testament Written?“. The GN Magazine interviews Carsten Peter Thiede, who is a German papyrologist. He is being interviewed about papyrus fragments containing some of the sayings of Jesus, but many believe they are part of a document, the completed Gospel According to Matthew, that must have existed in the 1st century. Well worth a read.

It is interesting that GN Magazine brings up the fact that we live in a cynical age and yet people are “desperate for certainty.” Quite the paradox, actually. People yearn to believe, but they won’t allow themselves to.

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