Asian Skeleton Changes View of Roman Empire

The Telegraph ran the article “Asian skeleton found in ruins suggests Roman Empire larger than thought” a couple of months ago. Previous to this find, it was thought that all trade with the Chinese and other Asian cultures were done external to the empire.

This opens up a new understanding of globalization for those who think in narrow terms. Globalization is not a modern invention. It existed in the old Roman Empire. It will exist again in the new Roman Empire.

Unfortunately, the descendants of ancient Israel are unwittingly sowing the seeds of their own destruction by greedily pursuing a one world economy. You cannot have a one world economy without eventually having a one world government. You cannot have a one world government without giving up national sovereignty. Once you give up national sovereignty, you no longer exist as a nation and you are subject to the laws and whims of the supranational power.

The Bible shows that such a great empire will exist again in the end times. It will be used to punish the US and the UK for their sins. Then, it will lead the world to the brink of disaster, and it will take the return of Jesus Christ to stop it.

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