Greece and Garner Ted Armstrong

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News correspondent Neil Macdonald recently wrote the article "Are we all facing a Greek-style future?" in which he mentions GTA.

Garner Ted believed governments were becoming sinfully profligate and that there would be dire consequences, and my father, with his deep Calvinist streak — he never held a credit card — agreed.

Garner Ted also believed that the coming economic collapse would herald the emergence of the biblical Antichrist, but never mind. The fact is, Garner Ted was one of the Tea Party movement’s original gangstas.

And as loopy as I thought most of his pamphlets were, and as much as I snickered when his church booted him for the old preacher’s sin of helping himself to nubile young followers, his rants about government overspending sound pretty smart in retrospect.

Macdonald goes on to talk about Western debt as a whole and the house of cards it all really is.  When you add in Social Security and other hidden debt, the entire scenario is pretty scary.

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