UCG General Conference of Elders Sabbath Webcast

On the UCG members website, they have put up the “Sabbath Webcast – General Conference of Elders" for services earlier today.

Melvin Rhodes gave the sermon “Go Ye Therefore Into All the World”.  Rhodes tends to give very informative and fact-filled sermons, especially when he talks about prophecy.  I liked this sermon overall, but I am sure that critics of UCG and the COG movement in general are going to jump over his comments about tithes and offerings.  His main point, of course, was about carrying the Gospel to the entire world.  His assertion that much of the work in recent decades has been carried on by a centralized funded effort is not without merit.  As far as what would occur if the US suffered such a calamity that US members could no longer fund the work is one point I’d like to take an entire article to elaborate upon.  Of course, long term readers probably know where I’ll take that one.

Darris McNeely gave an excellent sermon on “I Serve With Heroes”.  McNeely seems to have a knack for giving heart felt sermons that are backed up with Scripture.

The obvious intent is to refocus UCG overall on spreading the Gospel.  How this differs from the past is something that will probably be a matter of discussion during the GCE this year.


  1. Methinks this "refocus" is designed to get elders' attention off the current crisis.

    The best picture that could come out of GCE Sunday would be for Clyde Kilough and Roy Holladay to be on stage together. Smiling. Maybe even with a friendly hug — a bit like a U.S. Presidential ticket at the end of a convention. Now THAT would reflect unity in the body.

  2. P.S. The original schedule for this webcast was for Mr. Kilough to give one of the messages. Obviously someone decided, well, that wouldn't work right now.