French Muslim Woman Caught Driving While Wearing Veil

The Religion News Blog ran a story about the “Furor over French Muslim woman fined for driving veiled“. She was fined around $29 because it was alleged that the Islamic veil restricted her view while driving.

This is just one of the latest stories out of France, where tensions between the rights of Muslim women to dress according to their religious beliefs are clashing with the culture. President Nicolas Sarkozy has gone as far as pushing a ban on full-faced veils in public, both the niqab and burka varieties. They would not only be banned in public buildings but also in streets and shopping areas.

These tensions are not going away. However, prophecy indicates there will come a time of apparent peace when European powers coalesce into a force to be reckoned with. However, the tensions between the Beast, the “king of the north”, and some type of Islamic confederation, the “king of the south”, will rise until war breaks out, leading to the brink of the annihilation of earth.

The Gospel, the “good news”, is that Jesus will return to put a stop to the madness at last.

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