Clarification For Dr Thiel

Since comments are not enabled on COG News, I thought I’d just dash this off before I hit the ground running this morning.

First and foremost, I appreciate the recent even-handed commentary from Robert Thiel on the goings on at UCG.  I understand his views on governance, and I’m not going to fault him for politely pointing those out.

I did want to add a clarification, though, on his post “UCG’s Roy Holladay, Lawyers first, then an Update”.  Facebook groups are setup with one or more admins.  When the Facebook account gets yanked, then the postings of that person and their admin privileges are also yanked.  Yes, there are rumors about who might be behind reporting the admin of United Church of God – current crisis? to Facebook, but the fact remains that his/her account was yanked.  That part is not speculation.

Having said all of that, the bread crumbs are still out there, and honestly FB might have had a valid reason to remove the account as a violation of its TOS.  Of course, in FB-land, it still means someone would have reported it.  That’s just how FB operates.  Any of you with an FB account can go through the comments on the group wall yourself if you want more information.


  1. John D Carmack

    I hope I didn't write that in such a hurry that I left anyone with the impression that I believed that Dr Thiel was saying I was speculating on things or that the articles were unreliable. Rather, the way his article was written, it could have been read by someone else that it was speculation that the Facebook account was yanked.

    The speculation, of course, was about who would have been behind it being pulled, and there are a lot of rumors about that. That's the way I read his article, and I agree with his assessment that it is speculation.

    Another reason for wanting to clarify was because I know not everyone "does Facebook", and some of it may not make sense out of context. I'm not sure if I adequately explained it or not, though, so you'll have to give me more feedback if this all doesn't make sense.