Alexa, Quantcast and Compete

I originally wasn’t going to post this, but since AW posted “COGs on the Internet”, it seemed appropriate to go ahead and do so.

Alexa ratings have gotten some heat because some, such as Seth Godin, find them somewhat unreliable compared to Quantcast.

Well, according to Godin’s article, there is a new kid in town: which also attempts to get voluntary compliance from websites.

Let’s see how the first 3 in AW’s list compare for December 2009. 89,887 unique visitors, rank 21,456

gnmagazine 101,963 unique visitors, rank 18,956 46,674 unique visitors, rank 40,217 153,114 unique visitors, rank 12,560 76,235 unique visitors, rank 25,211

Looking at the above, has Alan Ruth’s site,, ranked higher than even UCG’s site.  Out of the above 5, The Trumpet’s website is ranked the lowest.

Also, someone just yesterday was recommending to me  I’ve not visited it yet, but I’ve been told it is a good resource.  For some reason, they preferred it over, so I’ll have to make time to check it out.

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