Reflections: Talking About Jesus

What would you think of me if I never talked about my wife?  Would you think it strange if I never mentioned her?  What if I never even had a picture of her on my desk?  Would you think she was important in my life?

Why would I hide a more important relationship than that?

I don’t have to talk about her endlessly for hours.  I don’t have to talk about every little like or dislike of hers.  I don’t have to beat anything over your head.  But to never even mention her name?  Odd, wouldn’t it be?


  1. I may be jumping the gun on future posts — but I've gained the impression some people in the Church don't talk about Jesus because they're so focused on the Father.

    You've mentioned here the view that Jesus pointed to the Father while He was on Earth. I fear some in the Church have the notion Jesus is a "lesser God," based on this thinking. Yet BOTH are God, Father and Son — and both are deserving of our worship and praise.

  2. @Richard: That wasn't precisely what I was getting at, but it wasn't far from my mind. Far too many seem to downright ignore Jesus, except only to pray in His name. However, if trinitarians make too big of a deal out of Jesus being "equal", then it seems to me that many in the COG make the opposite mistake. There is that little verse that JWs like to twist in which I want to examine in the near future.