Some Thoughts About Evangelism

I have shared from time to time some of my thoughts about evangelism.  I had already decided to post more about it this year.  So, imagine my surprise when Shadows of WCG posted an article on evangelism titled “Backwards!

While I don’t agree with some mostly minor points within the article, I think the diagram speaks for itself.  I will remind you, however, that Shadows of WCG is not favorable toward the COG movement, in particular WCG and the denominations that came out of WCG.   In fact, I think my biggest criticism with the article has to do with the way “Christian” is used, a not-so-subtle implication that “Armstrongism” is not “Christian”.

If you can look beyond that, however, we need to come to terms that evangelism in the COGs is not done in the same manner as other mainstream Christian organizations do it.  As a result, it presents its own unique set of problems.

I don’t know where Shadows is going with this, but I plan to lay some groundwork about church organization and then discuss a different type of organization.  The sad part is that the model already exists, and not just in a diagram on a blog.  It is time we opened our eyes and minds to the truth about how we got here and compare the fruits of our efforts.

So, am I talking about jumping ship?  No.  If you are being fed and served where you are, the only thing you have to change is yourself.  Naturally, if you are not being spiritually fed, then you don’t need my permission to find another congregation or even another group (there’s around 400 to choose from).

However, it is very likely you won’t make friends with some ministers if you decide to really explore this path.  What I’m talking about is, to some, even more controversial than jumping ship.  What I’m talking about is pretty radical in COG circles.

I am going to ask you to not look to men, including (and especially) myself, except as guides and counselors.  I am going to ask you to do nothing less than own your relationship with God and with your Savior.  Please bear with me, however, as I lay the tedious groundwork for this.

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