Weinland, Stumbling and Bumbling, but Outflanks and Outranks Flurry

Hello, it’s your tongue-in-cheek COG reporter here with another COG News item.

Gerald Flurry must be livid.  He’s been outfoxed by another false prophet.

False prophet Ronald Weinland is at it again.  First, he spewed out:

God’s Church cannot be organized into many fragmented groups with differing ideas of government and doctrine. That is not God’s way and thus it is fully contrary to the laws of God and how God’s spirit works in His Church.

I disagree on 2 grounds:

  1. Who is to say God “cannot” do anything?  That’s a pretty bold statement, Ronnie boy!

  2. God worked through a scattered Church shortly after Stephen’s martyrdom because it suited His purposes that the Gospel be preached beyond Jerusalem (Ac 8:4).

For some time now, Gerald Flurry has declared himself a type of Joshua, who followed after Moses, and a type of Elisha, who followed after Elijah.  And, of course, this is a not-so-veiled reference to the End-Time Elijah, who many consider to be Herbert W Armstrong.

Well, now Ronald Weinland has declared that HWA was only a “’type’ of Elijah” in his article yesterday of “The ‘Elijah To Come’”.

The truth is that neither John the Baptist nor Herbert W. Armstrong fulfilled the complete prophecies concerning the “Elijah to come,” but they fulfilled a “type” of that prophetic fulfillment. The actual fulfillment has not yet occurred, but it is about to be fulfilled in full spirit and truth.

As God has made me both an apostle and a prophet for this end-time, He has also given me to fulfill prophecies being the spokesman of the two end-time witnesses of Revelation 11. In addition, He has given me to fulfill the prophecies of the “Elijah to come” and of Zerubbabel. It is actually God, in and through Jesus Christ, who fulfills all these things, but He is doing so through a human instrument. The Book of Acts makes it very clear that Jesus Christ will come to fully restore all things in God’s great plan after He returns in his second coming as King of kings.

Well, it looks to me like you’ve contradicted yourself there.  Why does Jesus need you to restore anything if He is going to come and do it Himself?

At any rate, how many titles do you really need?

Yet the scattered organizations, who were once active in the Church of God, ridicule God’s choices and how He works in His Church. It is for this very reason that most will not be awakened spiritually to repentance in this age and they will not enter into the promised land of the beginning of the millennium. These must wait until they are resurrected once again at the beginning of the Great White Throne and then at that time awakened spiritually so they can repent of their sins against God.

Now, that is what I would call blasphemy.  Just because someone disagrees with you does not set them against God, unless of course you believe that you are God.

At any rate, so now that Weinland is Elijah and Flurry is Elisha, does that mean that Weinland outranks Flurry?

I imagine that Flurry and cohorts will figure a way out of this soon enough, though.  I also predict (if I may use that word) that Weinland doesn’t have the intellect to counter something original, should Flurry do so in a counter move.

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  1. Now hold on here — didn't Mr. Armstrong "restore all things?" Some ministers who emphasize the "18 truths" (number subject to argument) say he did.

    May the TRUE "head of the Church" come back soon to straighten all this out. And maybe find a little child, at least to illustrate it.