Prayers Needed For …

I’m going to stick to mostly non-scholarly articles this week, except perhaps for the one on the 25th (still working on that one).  People are out of school, on break from work, dealing with the weather, travelling to events around the country, etc.

Speaking of travelling to events and weather, please keep in mind that many people are travelling to and from winter family events this week.  A couple of the COGs take advantage of the simultaneous cheaper hotel rates and school breaks and sponsor events around the country.  UCG is having their usual even in Louisville, KY this year, and I’m sure Jim O’Brian’s group will be holding theirs in Lexington.

However, it isn’t just the US that’s been hit by weather lately.  Europe is also pretty paralyzed with winter storms, so please don’t forget about what hardships brethren may be enduring there.  I haven’t heard of anything specific, but an extra prayer for them couldn’t hurt.

Then, there is the usual social and political situations around the world.  A prayer request went out recently about a teacher in India who is concerned because of political unrest in the region after reorganizing some political boundaries.  The situation was compared to Kashmir, which is quite a hotbed of strife and tension.

Legacy Institute sent out another video message last week.  Leon Sexton spoke in the video titled “As the Days of Noah”.  Sexton is looking well, and it seems like such a long time since I’ve been there.  Speaking of the worldwide situation, Sexton stated, “The world as you know it now is going to change very dramatically – in a very short period of time.”  Unfortunately, given the political situation in Thailand, that can apply to that region as much as Europe and North America.  “The focal points of power in this world are changing,” he continued.

In short, we need to pray for Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), India and the rest of Asia as much as other areas of the world.  Space doesn’t even allow for the many brutal and oppressive situations in Africa.

We need to pray for the work worldwide.  We need to pray for one another.  Many of those around us are going through medical and financial difficulties through no fault of their own.  Sin has its collateral damage.  We truly do affect and infect others, even when the act  seems harmless enough.  Individually and collectively, prayers need to go up to our Father like never before.

Finally as Sexton states in the video, “We need to look at ourselves.”  We need to make sure we are drawing closer to God.  We need to pray for ourselves and our relationship with God as well.


  1. In that same part of the world, we need to pray that brethren in the Philippines will be safe.

    First a series of typhoons — and now a volcano is about to blow.