Commencement, Part 2

Last weekend, I attended a commencement, at which I was shocked at the bland PC “benediction”.  However, not all was bad about the affair.

The keynote speaker was a history professor from the university.  At first, I really had no idea where he was headed with his address.  As a nation founded upon freedom, he maintained, we are not to squander it upon ourselves, but we are to use it in the service of others.

In some ways, it was the usual call to service type of commencement.  However, it got me to thinking about upon what foundation would this service be built.  Would it be the admonition to love our neighbor as ourselves?

Paul calls Christians “free” (1Pe 2:16).  A lot of nonbelievers view the “rules and regulations” of religion and conclude otherwise, but they miss the point.  The rules and regulations of God’s way of life are safety barriers that protect us from harm.  When we travel down the highway, we observe laws such as driving on a certain side of the road in order to ensure safety.  The freedom is in getting to our desired destination safely.

How we treat others is a huge determinant in how God will treat us.  That goes for organizations, nations and individuals.

Do we use our freedom in service to others?

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