Reflections: Water on the Moon

They’ve found water on the moon.  If you are in the camp, now out of fashion, that believes the moon broke off from the earth during the earth’s formation, then that actually shouldn’t be a big surprise.  If you are not in that camp, then it would be a bigger deal.

HWA described the universe as being in a state of destruction and decay.  “Dead”, he called it.  His point was that there is a vast universe out there, and it was intended to be inhabited by powerful spirit beings who shared in its rulership.

So, if it was intended for life to spread out throughout the universe, why not water on other astronomical bodies?

I’m not anti-space exploration, but there are some things that puzzle me.  Chief among them is probably the fact that we continue to seek out other intelligent life when evidence for a different type of intelligent life has been right under our noses all along.

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