Some Thoughts on Pearl Harbor

I was prevented from posting very much yesterday, so this is a little late.

Often, when WWII is thought of in the US, it seems a lot of attention goes to Germany, then some to Italy, but only occasionally to Japan.  That’s odd when you consider that Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor brought the US into the war.

What is more interesting to me is the entire Axis Alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan.  They signed the Tripartite Pact in September 1940.

It seems to be difficult to find any real analysis of this alliance, though.  What did they really have in common?  About the only real thread of commonality that I can find is that all 3 had expansionistic dreams.

Even in modern times, dealings between East and West can be interesting.  They are usually accompanied by a bit of unease.  Even in modern times, each tends to view the other in exotic terms.

When you think about the end times and a one world government, think about the power and influence that will be needed to hold it all together, even for a short time.  Is it any wonder that it eventually fragments into 3 different spheres of influence?  People will seek peace, but they will instead find more war.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil truly brings forth its fruit through experiential knowledge.  It is a “knowing” that comes not from books but by the hard knocks of a series of wrong decisions.  Eventually, human beings will have to learn, the hard way, that true knowledge comes from God, and it is a revealed knowledge that only He can provide.

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