Stevie Wonder UN Messenger of Peace?

I just saw where Stevie Wonder was named the UN Messenger of Peace.  What does that mean exactly?  I don’t know.  Isn’t the entire UN organization supposed to be devoted to peace?

I have nothing against Wonder, but I have to wonder (can’t resist a bad pun).  What qualifies him for this position?

I just don’t understand a world in which being a celebrity is all it takes to make you an expert on everything else.  Playing the President on TV makes you an expert on politics, being a boozing bimbo that sings means you are an internationally recognized expert mother, being rich makes you an expert on poverty, etc.

I don’t care what celebrity you are.  World peace will not be realized until the true Prince of Peace returns to the earth.

Well, at least Wonder’s a musician and not an actor.  An actor gets paid to sell a complete fabrication, after all.  Think about that one.


  1. I would think Stevie Wonder is blind to these sins of other celebrities.

    But seriously…. shall we disqualify Mr. Wonder for his hit song "Part-Time Lover"?

  2. I guess if he's a part-time lover, that would only give him enough time to be a part-time messenger?