Herbert W Armstrong Church of God

This website belongs to Herbert W. Armstrong Church Of God. Here, you will find their latest news & information along with some of their Activities Scheduled.

~ From KillerStartups, http://www.killerstartups.com/Site-Reviews/holdfast2allthings-org-herbert-armstrong-church-of-god

Sometimes Google alerts hit on things that tickle your funny bone. Sometimes, the things are just odd. Sometimes they are oddly correct, even if what was written was by mistake. When you click on the link by the above, you are taken to Hold Fast to “All things”, run by Dan Cohran. All it says it “Church of God” on the site, but it is obvious that they do their best to stick to HWA’s interpretation of things.

So, who wrote the blurb above? I don’t know. The question is whether or not it is accurate in a logical, if not strict, sense. Cohran belonged to PCG for a time. Seeing as how much PCG used to venerate HWA (but now it seems Flurry has transferred that to himself), I can only wonder who they are worshiping when it seems there is more material about HWA than about God.

I could be wrong, of course. Let’s hope so.

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