Random Thoughts

It’s been one of those weeks.  People who don’t know the Sabbath might look forward to their weekends, but I honestly believe only a few of them can really relate to the relief of coming to the end of a really hectic week.  A relief because in just over 24 hours, I will be with God’s people again, worshiping and putting most everyday concerns out of my mind.  When you don’t know God, it’s hard to relate to the blessing that is the Sabbath.

At any rate, some random thoughts as I look at current events in but mostly outside of the Church:

Ronald Weinland has been promoted (or, is it demoted?) to Apostle.  I’m just trying to figure out how all these guys can be the End Time Apostle and yet so can HWA.

I guess there has been work on replicator-type technology for some time now.  Trekkies can relate to food appearing out of thin air.  So, the debate now is how would the economy work if food actually was in unlimited supply.  Makes you wonder how the economy works when you become a spirit being.  After all, you don’t truly need food any more.

Our doctors keep telling us to reduce fat, etc., to be healthy.  They push statins like the drug peddlers they are.  Yet, there has been no real evidence that high cholesterol causes heart problems.  They used to push a form of plastic at us all to control cholesterol and renamed it to “margarine”.  In some people, it actually increases cholesterol!  Well, now they have found out that “Children who drink full fat milk weigh less than those who do not”.  One of these days, maybe we will quit trying to out-do God.

An atheist reluctantly saying “Maybe religion is needed”?

BTW, speaking of scientists, “Zombies would most likely wipe out humanity if they really existed, claim scientists”.  So, how am I supposed to take it seriously when I read that “Scientists discover that Neanderthals hated Brussel sprouts”?  For that matter, how serious am I supposed to take anything they “know” about a million years ago?  I have trouble keeping track of last week.  History books are full of bias, but somehow “science” will tell us what happened 50,000 years ago?

And, of course it was all an accident!  Evolutionists scoff at the analogy of a tornado hitting a junk yard and making a 747, but a 747 is far less complex than nature!  In “Secret abilities of animals revealed”, we read that “scientists are starting to uncover a multitude of secret abilities that animals have evolved [emphasis mine] to help them survive.”  If you mean unguided, uncoordinated, unintelligent, blind chance over billions of years, then that has been shown to be mathematically flawed.  Elephants listening with their fee?  Rats using something like Morse code to communicate?  C’mon!  That didn’t just happen.  There had to be thought and intelligence behind it, and intelligence does not come from non-intelligence!

And, why such variety?  What I don’t understand is that even if it were possible to get life from non-life (which violates fundamental biological laws), then why all of this variety?  I mean, if everything adapts to its environment, then why would they be different?  Think about it.  What’s the incentive to become a complex multi-celled organism?  Why aren’t we all bacteria?  Simple survives much better.

And, if we are just accidental blobs, then where does morality come from?  No one has convincingly shown me that another person has any right at all to tell me what is right and what is wrong.  If there is no objective morality, then there truly is no reason for me to care about it.  While I’m glad that some atheists have developed a sense of morality instead of leading lives of anarchy and mayhem, there are others who actually espouse anarchy as a means to an end.  Who is to say they are wrong?  What right do I have to tell them they are wrong?  If I do not have that right, then neither do you, and we need to quit spending money on jails and police.

If we are just blobs of tissue, then there is nothing horrific about Darfur, Hitler or the abuse and death of Shaniya Davis.

And, since when is a 5 year old a “toddler”?  Is she wearing a diaper?  Is she potty trained?  Do our news reporters have more than a 7th grade education?

You see, we have a Creator.  He gave us His way of life in written form.  Then, He sent His Son to show us how to put it into action.  Without Him, we are a lost world indeed.  Without Him, are differences and short-sightedness will just lead to anarchy and ultimately to destruction.

He gave us the Sabbath day – a day which looks forward and symbolizes the rest we can have in Him.  A day which symbolizes the rest the whole world will have when His Kingdom comes to earth.

Have a blessed Sabbath, everyone!


  1. Perhaps you would find Origins of Life by Gerald Schroeder a fascinating read this Sabbath. The Torah-observant Jew and MIT scientist helps to reveal how our Great Creator God had "wisdom" inherent in His Creation from the beginning to know which way to go and what to do, etc.

  2. Well, I only got to read the beginning of it thus far, but it seems like an interesting read. I've bookmarked it for later. Thanks for the link!