Lesson 2 From the Feast, Praying For Safety

It is a regular habit in our family to pray for peace and safety during our journey to and from the Feast as well as protection during it.

You know what?  We should be praying for that continually.  Each week is a weekly feast called the Sabbath.  We need to pray for divine protection while attending to that as well.

Christians down through the ages have had to endure persecution.  If caught worshipping on the Sabbath, they could be executed as Judaizers.

We only have to look a few years back to see that even in our modern times, Satan does not rest on the Sabbath.  Just ask someone who was in Milwaukee attending the Living Church of God on 12 March 2005.  Regardless of how you might feel about LCG, Dr Meredith or their particular style and teachings, you have to agree that Terry Ratzmann was an unstable individual.  It is a Satanic device to use unstable individuals to lash out at those who try to obey God.

And, we should pray not just for brethren in this country.  I have written before about how many in the Church in Southeast Asia are persecuted under regimes like Myanmar.  We should include individuals in totalitarian regimes as well as those in Muslim countries in our prayers.  Then, there are brethren living under corrupt governments in Africa.  In most of these cases, people are expected to work on Saturday and can be fired for refusing to do so.

Finally, we need to pray for the Church as a whole so that the Gospel – the real Gospel – can get out to a world that desperately needs hope.

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