Germany Returns to World Military Stage

Did anyone catch the news last July that Chancellor Angela Merkel gave out the first combat medals issued to German soldiers since WWII?

The argument given in “New NATO as Germany Returns To World Military Stage” is that Germany has become comfortable real fast with being a global military power.  The goal for the German’s defense minister is to turn the Bundeswehr (German Army) into an “intervention force”.  As a result of this, the very definition of NATO is changing.

The speed of the change is quite mind boggling as well.

"If somebody had announced in 1989 that, well, the Berlin Wall has come down, now Germany can unite and send military forces back into Yugoslavia — and what is more in order to enforce a partition of the country along similar lines to those it imposed when it occupied the country in 1941 — well, quite a number of people might have raised objections. However, that is what has happened, and many of the very people might who have been expected to object most strongly to what amounts to the most significant act of historical revisionism since World War II have provided the ideological cover and excuse."

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