9/11: Making it Personal

Someone asked on the radio today, "Where were you on 9/11?"  It has become one of those watershed moments that grip a civilization and becomes entrenched in its memory.

It’s impossible to have an event like this and not change as a result.  However, just because a change occurs in response to 9/11 does not mean it is a good change.  There are a lot of questionable actions and practices put into place since then.  Was the Iraq War a just result of 9/11?  Are we really safer today?

Experts and politicians will no doubt continue to debate these things.  However, what about other things?  Things within your sphere of influence?  Are you personally better or worse than 9/11?  Have you personally grown since then?  Have you put more of an effort into relationships and solidifying your bonds with those you love?  Has your fear and/or hatred towards others grown instead?  Have you learned to tolerate others better?  No, I don’t mean the sin, but the people?

It’s far too easy to concentrate on what’s wrong with our state, our country, our world or even our church.  However, the NT gives a different perspective.  It says we are supposed to look in the mirror of the Law and concentrate on what’s wrong with ourselves.

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