Your Best Life Now?

You have heard it, or at least of it.  “Your Best Life Now” is the slogan.  Somehow, God wants you to have all the best right now.

Well, when I came across “Everyday Theology: God wants your best life… now!” on Blogging Theologically, I couldn’t resist reading it.  Very insightful, IMO.

Have you ever noticed that, as you’ve read through the Bible, there’s a common theme in the lives of God’s people?

Financial prosperity? Living whatever is typically defined as “the good life?” No.


“A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master,” we are told in Matt. 10:24. Jesus suffered brutally. Being far from financially affluent, He was betrayed, denied by His friends, lied about, beaten, flogged, mocked, spit upon, and ultimately crucified on a bloody roman cross, all so that our sins might be forgiven.

Something to think about.

Too often, we Christians can get into the mindset that if we do X then God will do Y.  Who’s in charge here?  Pagan religions have all sorts of rituals to “force” their gods to do what they ask for.  God will do what is best for you – eternally.  In the meantime, it might hurt though.

Just ask Job.

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