Interesting Two Witness Question

David Ben-Ariel seems to get his articles plastered everywhere.  At least they give him the proper attribution, but it is kind of strange to be reading something and think “That’s familiar sounding,” then find out it is an article by him.

He has an article, apparently the original, on Ezine called “Two Witnesses in Jerusalem”.  A lot of it is stuff I don’t necessarily agree with, at least not 100%, but he does ask one interesting question:

Church of God minister Arlen Berkey, in "The Work of God in the Laodicean Era," makes a statement nobody in God’s Church would disagree with: "The whole world will soon know about the two witnesses. They will not be welcome by this world."

We are not responsible for how the world reacts to these two men (it does NOT say ministers), however, we should question whether the two witnesses will be welcome by God’s Church!

You know, it probably wouldn’t have been all that long ago that I would have simply dismissed the question.  However, as time goes on, I’m not so sure we should so easily dismiss it.

Whenever I look at the division within the Body of Christ, I am appalled that so many could fall away from the faith once delivered.  And yet, that pales in comparison to how some organizations treat other organizations.  I see false prophets rise up, and to my amazement people follow them even though they not only do not apologize, but they do not even admit their prophecies were wrong.

So, will God’s people recognize the Two Witnesses when they come on the scene?  I wonder.

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