The Obedient Church of God

About a month ago, Robert Thiel posted about “TOCOG: A New Group in Canada”, so I finally looked them up to have a look.  Talk about an ugly website!  I thought Thiel’s article had a copy and paste error in it, but it turns out that’s they way they write!

Anyhow, if you don’t get a headache from reading the website, perhaps you will once you follow all their rabbit holes for navigation and read them.  Apparently, we are being lied to because we are only told about one trumpet on “Feast of Trumpet’S’”, and we supposedly have been conned into “celebrating the Feast of 1 ’happy’ Trumpet”.  They seem to have a calendar issue also, claiming that if we don’t follow their version of the calendar, we are an enemy of God.  Keeping Thanksgiving is apparently a pagan practice and a Mark of the Beast.

Frankly, I just plain am having difficulty following much of what is written on the site.  It just seems to ramble and go off in many different directions.  It seems that they got a lot of their teachings from Dankenbring of Triumph Prophetic Ministries, including a Sivan 6 Pentecost and new moon celebrations.

There are some other oddities: UFOs, pyramids built before Adam and Eve, fleeing to place of safety in 2015 (yes, they are setting dates, it appears).  There is one long rant against Dankenbring, which does not show the Fruits of the Spirit, IMO, no matter how much one protests they have God’s Holy Spirit.

The COG has always attracted more than its fair share of fruitcakes.  I truly believe it is part of the Accuser’s plan to discredit the entire COG movement in any way possible.


  1. Wet Willy "The Holy Days According to Bill" Dankenbring has a splinter group?! And the splinter group doesn't agree with his whacked-out macked-out calendar?

    (TPM: The only Church of God splinter where your tithe dollars allow the Witless Prophet and wife to sniff grain sheaves under the Solstice moons every year in Jerusalem. Yeeeeeah. That's not pagan, nope.)

    Yep, must be Winterpeg. Betcha Larry stands on the street corner outside The Forks, handing out "free" copies of "The Bible Mirror" LOL I thought it was a jigsaw — what's the next name for the latest CoG splinter's literature going to be, The Bible Foundation? (Hint: Built on sand!)

    Love the tag "Dirty Laundry" BTW.

  2. Ugh. Was this web site set up in 1996 or something?

    But at least it's the Obedient Church of God — which I suppose beats the alternative. If you know what I mean….

  3. John D Carmack

    Maybe it was actually 1969, and it was really psychedelic, man. Maybe that's what happens from sniffing plants. Maybe I've seen too many Woodstock documentaries lately … ;->

  4. Hi John….Happy Sabbath 🙂
    I happened on to you looking for a commentary "lollipops" written around the time of the FOT 2008.

    I have splintered many times since the beginning with WCG. The time without a church I have learned the most….."feeding" myself. I can spend the whole Sabbath reading/studying and find myself not wanting sundown to come lol.

    I think we recieved ALL truth through HWA. After accepting it we're told to use it and use God's word to re-inforce it. I personally don't think there is NEW truth to find. I think we confuse ourselves with all the litature and view points out there.

    I know this is a view point lol but what I'm saying is keep it simple… maybe the church services are too formal. Maybe we should just sit around, study, re-inforce, sing hymns etc. except for Holy Days.

  5. John D Carmack

    @Texwolfie: Not sure why "lollipops" would lead you here, but welcome!

    You know, I tend to cringe whenever I hear the term "new truth". The truth doesn't change. The truth has always been there. It's our perception about it that changes. The term itself reminds me of Paul in the Areopagus, where the people loved to hear something new.

    Now, did we learn ALL truth through HWA? I've been meaning to write about that, and I still hope to before the end of the year. However, suffice it to say, the short version is that we do not yet know the date of Christ's return. So, what people mean by "all truth" cannot mean there's absolutely nothing left to learn.

    One thing I'd like you to think about, though. I hope you understand I'm saying this as one who cares. There can be a lot of reasons for avoiding some organizations and groups. In some cases, you might be the only COG member in an entire country. It would be impossible to find a group where everyone is 100% in agreement. One elder I know said if you put 2 people in a room long enough there will be conflict, or even 1 person and a mirror. 🙂

    Certainly, Elijah felt he was alone. And, maybe that's part of the point. He felt too alone. He got so depressed he wanted to die.

    HWA wouldn't have said it is good to be alone, and the Scripture certainly says to not neglect the assembling of ourselves together.

    At any rate, I hope you don't take offense. In the end, I'm just another guy on the net with an opinion. All I ask is that you think about it.