Sharia Law In America?

Well, the people over at Acts 17 Apologetics might not have the same idea of evangelism that those in the Church of God groups do, but this entire exchange is still interesting on many levels. If nothing else, it makes one question the result if Sharia law were actually instituted in the United States. What of freedom of speech and freedom of the press then? And, if Islam truly is a “religion of peace” then why the need for violence against non-violent acts?

There are 4 videos in this playlist:

1. “Arab Fest 2009: Dhimmis in Dearborn” is a short video that was taken just after the main incident. I listed it first because it helps to explain the pamphlet segment of the main clip. Time 2:45.

2. “Arab Festival 2009: Sharia in the US” is the main video detailing the entire incident where security guards trample on people’s rights to discuss issues they were invited to discuss (that’s important, because there was a sign that supposedly encourages dialog). Time 10:00.

3. “Arab Fest 2009: Hate Messages in Dearborn” is the shortest video and was probably taken earlier. It is interesting that Congress wants to outlaw all sorts of “hate speech”, but no one seems to be upset by hateful propaganda right under their noses. Time 1:34.

4. “Arab Fest 2009: The Unedited Footage” fills in a few blanks from the main video. Time 7:44.

Christian speech may yet become outlawed in this country, as our freedoms and liberties continue to disintegrate. Look for more tensions to arise as Manasseh falls apart at the seams.


  1. Perhaps we should turn this analysis back on ourselves.

    When Jesus comes back, will there be freedom of speech and the press — especially of dissenting viewpoints? I doubt we'd claim there will be freedom of religion.

    If the "Prince of Peace" is coming, why do prophecies indicate He's going to kill a lot of people — perhaps including some who might not even organize against His return? (Of course, God can resurrect those people, but first a lot of blood will be shed.)

  2. John D Carmack

    @Richard: Interesting way to view it.

    Well, from what I read about prophecy, those things will be long gone by the time Christ returns. Mankind is going to attempt to have a one world government and one world religion, but it will start to fall apart very quickly. It will be a dictatorship, and so much for freedom of the press there.

    Let's face it: God has blessed America and that is why we've been able to enjoy any freedoms whatsoever. People talk a lot about the "Government of God", but when you look at the Book of Judges, you see it in action. What did they have? Freedom to the degree that they could not handle it! They begged for a king so they could be enslaved like all of the other nations around them!

    I look at that example, and I can honestly say that, to a degree, there will be freedom of speech (not sure how much of a "press" will even need to exist, though). I say "to a degree", as even now there are some legitimate limits placed upon speech. Obviously, blasphemy will not be tolerated, but did God limit Israel's speech? Adam's? Eve's? Cain's?

    The Millennium will be the first time that mankind will truly be forced to live God's way of life. Some try to soften the "rod of iron", but I see a rod of iron that dashes pottery to bits and pieces. Why? Because clay can be remade into something else, just like God can resurrect people and open their minds at a later time (see the article Reflections on Pentecost and the Rod of Iron" for more).

    Ironically, though, God's way is not one of oppression. Christ's return is more of an exception because people are trying to exterminate each other. In the end, people will be forced to make a choice. In the end, no matter the circumstances, only those who really want to be in His Kingdom will be there.

    Since God will be King, there will be no others to worship. I don't see that as meaning that there won't be discovery and civil discourse about matters.