The Weirdness in Redefining Marriage

Truth is stranger than fiction, or even hypothetical arguments against gay marriage.

Opponents to the view of traditional marriage will say there is no evidence of a slippery slope.  They poo-poo the idea that one day someone will demand to marry their horse.  They mock the idea that marriage could become anyone marrying anyone or anything.

Well, look no longer!

Amy Wolfe, according to The Telegraph, is a “Woman getting married to fairground ride”.  She has a “condition” known as objectophilia that makes her attracted to inanimate objects.  Over where she sleeps is a picture of the ride.

Like many gays, she says, “I can’t help it.”

She’s apparently not the only one.  There’s the 4 Jun 2008 article, “Woman with objects fetish marries Eiffel Tower”.  There also is the 27 May 2008 article, “Woman ‘married’ to Berlin Wall for 29 years”.

I’m just wondering when the APA will pronounce this as “normal”.  Of course, this condition, unlike homosexuality, has no real political backing either, and it was a political and not a psychological decision to “normalize” homosexuality.

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