Iran in COG News

COGWriter’s Robert Thiel posted “PCG on Obama and Iran” on 24 June 2009.  He reports about a article that Gerald Flurry published on 22 June about Iran.  Once again, self-proclaimed prophet Flurry proves he doesn’t understand Scripture by confusing Iran with the King of the South in prophecy.

What caught my eye, however, is that according to quotes in Thiel’s article, Flurry wrote:

The Obama administration’s plan to deal with the head of the terrorist snake is to tell Iran and its terrorists, America has stopped using torture. He was mainly referring to American interrogators waterboarding three super-terrorists under the supervision of a doctor. Showing such weakness to the terrorists only adds fuel to the terrorist fire!

Those terrorist murderers go around cutting off people’s heads, shooting men, women and children, and blowing up buildings. Yet even if terrorists are captured and have information about the next bomb to be exploded—maybe a nuclear bomb—the president believes you can’t use waterboarding to get that information from them…

So … does that mean that we in the Church of God now approve of waterboarding, Mr Flurry?  Is that how you interpret doing unto others?

I guess this coldness explains the PCG’s neglect of widows.

To Thiel’s credit, he points out that the US should not be engaging in torture, although his stated reasons seem to be the weakest ones I would have chosen.

Meanwhile, on 22 June 2009 on the same site was posted “LCG: Iran Convulses”.  It is a good summary of religious, political and Biblical aspects involving Iran that is much more balanced than PCG’s.

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