A New COG Resource: The Master’s Table

I’m always looking for material to help readers in satisfying their thirst for seeking out God’s will.  There are many study materials out there, but not many have a Church of God perspective.  I’ve recently become aware of another resource, the website The Master’s Table.  There is quite a bit of study material on this site for you to take advantage of.  It has been added as a resource to the footer of this blog page (scroll down to see all of the links).

Standard disclaimer: I will take a brief moment to remind you that listing a resource does not necessarily mean I endorse all the doctrines on the site.  Indeed, there are resources listed in the “Some External Church of God (COG) Related Resources” section that I definitely do not agree with on many issues.  Compare what they say to your own Bibles!  I receive no compensation for listing any resource.

With that out of the way then, it is probably better to let Mr Youngblood speak for himself by including a copy of the email (reprinted by permission) that I received that explains a little more about the site and a book that is offered there:

Greetings From:
The master’s Table

We are working with Earl and Wanda Lewis of The Giving and sharing bookstore to distribute a book I wrote titled "The Great Apostasy" after leaving not only WWcG but all the off-shoot churches. I’m not angry with anyone but because of the many changes throughout the churches I have went back and re-studied all topics and in that process over the past 14 years I have wrote many articles concerning subjects such as Church Government, The Credibility of the Bible, The New Covenant, Law vs. Grace, What is Doctrine, and much more. These studies can be accessed on the Master’s Table by clicking on the link below.


We started The Master’s Table web site sometime in 1997 in order to help brethren with information needed for bible studies at home. We place as much useful study information as we can on the Master’s table to make it a research tool for those that want this information. We do not believe God wants us to just have OUR agenda that promotes OUR beliefs so we investigate the bible and biblical history without bias, or prejudice and examine what doctrines have been injected into the Christian Religion, then carefully examine what the Christian bible, and history reveals about these subjects so the bible student can decide for themselves what is correct. We never intend to speak evil of any person, or group. Our only intent is to present what the bible states.

If you are concerned about what is happening in the Christian Churches around the world today you very well might be interested in my book. This book "The Great Apostasy" is free and no one should feel obligated to send money for it, however as I stated above we are working with the Giving and Sharing bookstore and if you would like to help a good cause for those that can’t afford books you can donate.

I never make a dime from the book. The donation goes directly to the Giving and Sharing bookstore.

The suggested donation cost is $21.00 or less – to – free.

If you want to receive the book from the Giving and Sharing bookstore you can just send an e-mail with a request for "The Great Apostasy" with your name and home address to Earl Lewis at celewis2@juno.com

You can also access this link to download the book from a PDF file. The Great Apostasy PDF.


Timothy M. Youngblood

Author/Steward of The Master’s Table

P. S. If you or a friend would like to be added to The Master’s table E-mail list please let us know. We do not send out "un-important" topics or chain letters. We only send out relevant information concerning biblical research and biblical history or interesting data and topics such as Points to Ponder. We also answer biblical questions.

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