Disposable Lives

We have heard of the “culture of death” in the US.  Life is no longer regarded as sacred.  Euthanasia, the taking of life because the “quality” of that life is no longer at some imagined level, has become more tolerated over time and is becoming more and more legal.  In essence, we have created a category of persons in which the “quality” is below par, which means they are no longer human.

Abortionists, of course, use terms like “tissue” and stresses the “rights” of one person (human) over another (non-human).  Again, the fetus is not “human” in their eyes and not deserving of any rights.

Lives have become disposable.  Classes of people are being developed in which some will are considered subhuman.  It could eventually extend to racial groups, religious groups or any other group.  Eugenics was once a popular movement in the US, from which Planned Parenthood came into being.  Margaret Sanger was well-known for wanting to control the black population by various means of birth control.

Kathryn E Darden wrote an Associated Content article on “Are Babies Becoming Disposable?”  She explores why teens seem so eager to give birth and abandon their children in toilets.  I warn you, she doesn’t mince words.


  1. Kathryn Darden

    Thank you for linking to my article. I am pleased to see it here and to have discovered your excellent blog post on such a sad topic..