“Church and State” or “Religion and State”?

The idea that a country would have no official religion was a very progressive one in the 1700s.  What we find, though, is that it is a anomaly today as well.  There is a religion that denies its own existence (sound like the tactics of anyone we might know?).  It overtly pays lip service to freedom of religion and tolerance, but covertly it seeks to destroy religion in America, Great Britain and eventually elsewhere.  Its tools are propagandas, lies, fear and peer pressure.

According to the Associated Baptist Press (ABP) in an article by David Wilkinson on 8 June 2009, Baptist scholar Doug Weaver addressed a conference of Baptists.  “Baptists urged to consider risks of ‘majoritarian faith’” and remember that their roots were in the persecuted minority.

Weaver said John Leland, the famous 18th-century Baptist advocate of religious freedom, noted that whenever you try to force a union between church and state in order to create a Christian nation, you have created a monster that denies liberty of conscience to anyone who dares to be different.

I submit to you the monster is here.  However, it is not the Baptists who are taking over, but the human secularists.  As much as they will deny that it is a religion, they steadfastly cling to the tenets of their faith and persecute those who believe otherwise.  Consider:

  1. Open attacks in a public beauty pageant designed to provoke controversy and denigrate opinions that mirror even what many liberal politicians have openly stated.
  2. Lawsuits against schools that allow prayers, even during commencements.  This, in spite of the fact that schools have existed in this country longer than we have had a Constitution, and the first school commencements not only invoked the name of God but were full length sermons about life after graduation.
  3. Open media hostility to the name of Jesus, unless it is used as a swear word.
  4. The pandering to of any faith that is not of Judeo-Christian origins vs the removal of any semblance or symbols of Judeo-Christian origins.
  5. The open eulogizing of a late-term abortionist as “courageous” and “daring” all the while there is no outcry for the thousands of innocent voices that cannot speak for themselves.
  6. The radical revision of history to suit those who want to disavow the many religious roots of this nation.

The list could go on.  What does not smack of religious intolerance in the above?

Pray for this nation.  It’s NOT the economy, stupid!  We can recover from economic difficulties.  We have in the past.  However, very few nations have successfully recovered from a moral decline.

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