Obama and Abortion – Surprise?

On 22 May, Robert Thiel posted “UCG, Obama, & Abortion”. Basically, it is a commentary on a UCG commentary, but I like the way he ties it up in the end:

Eight days ago, someone I know sent me a You-Tube link urging President Obama to speak out against abortion at the Notre Dame speech. The bizarre part of that You-Tube was that the narrator, who so passionately opposed abortion, also had apparently voted for Barack Obama.

Any who think that President Obama was apt to change his position on this apparently did not pay attention to the fact that while campaigning, he made it clear that strengthening laws to allow abortions was going to be one of his first priorities. And if fact, that is what he did (e.g. Obama’s Abortion Changes).

It never ceases to amaze me that someone would vote for a candidate and then be surprised when they do exactly what they said they would do. How many have recently considered that is what happened when Hitler came to power? He “surprised” people by doing exactly what he outlined in his book!

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