Swans In Flight

I read in the Issue 134 April 30, 1990 Journal News of the Churches of God that “PCG Buys Swans in Flight”. Previously, I had read about this on the Church of God News site under “PCG Acquires Big Sandy Sculpture”. I wasn’t sure why then, but something about the whole affair bothered me.

When I reread about it in the Journal, however, it struck me. This is the same organization that cannot afford to take care of its widows, even though it expects all of its members to donate a 3rd tithe supposedly for that purpose. Notice what the Philadelphia Church of God Information web site has to say about it:

Although the PCG still teaches its members to pay the third tithe (RV July/August 2004, pg. 28), a member who was seeking third tithe assistance recently told us that Ron Frasier personally told him “the church has discontinued that program.” And a former PCG minister confirmed to us that the PCG does not distinguish between first, second, and third tithe, but treats them all the same to support “the work,” which of late has been the construction of beautiful homes for the inner circle PCG ministry. Construction of an auditorium, which he is calling “the house of God,” is also soon to start (G.F. sermon, God’s House, 7/17/04).

“Disgusting” is too weak of a word for such shenanigans.

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