WCG Women’s Ministry Misses the Point

In a 2 part posting on WCG Women’s Minstry, “God Isn’t Like That!” and “God Isn’t Like That Part 2”, we see that WCG has gone off the rails completely.

You have to admit that “Tammy” makes a pretty stark admission when she writes, “I thought it might be good to revisit books I haven’t spent much time on in the past few years.”  Seems to me, that is exactly the problem with the majority of church members in 1995.  They were busy reading literature and not the Bible.

Even worse is how she denigrates God by writing:

Not having read the first five books of the Bible in some time, I was struck anew by the violence, revenge, strict rules and seeming mercilessness with which God treated his own people, and even more, the innocent bystanders who were wiped out for the sake of the Israelites. [Emphasis added.]

If they were “innocent bystanders”, then God is a liar.

Speak not thou in thine heart, after that the LORD thy God hath cast them out from before thee, saying, For my righteousness the LORD hath brought me in to possess this land: but for the wickedness of these nations the LORD doth drive them out from before thee.

~ Dt 9:4

Then, in part 2, there is this curious item:

I remember when it first dawned on me the Old Testament was about Jesus. In all my years of reading it and observing the holy days, I only occasionally saw him there. Now I look for him. Reading through the whole Bible this year is my fresh opportunity to find him on every page.

Frankly, if anyone is keeping the Holy Days and only occasionally sees Jesus, then that person really is missing the point.  What Holy Day is Jesus not the center of?

    1. Passover – Hopefully, is obvious that the Passover lamb pointed forward to Jesus.
    2. Days of Unleavened Bread – While we have to work hard to put sin out of our lives, only Jesus can put righteousness in.  Furthermore, there is that whole thing about the wave sheaf offering.
    3. Pentecost – Even though the Holy Spirit and the Law take center stage on this day, let us not forget Who gave the Law and Who sent the Holy Spirit.
    4. Feast of Trumpets – Obviously, Christ is the central character here.
    5. Day of Atonement – Despite what some might say, Satan is not the central character here, but Christ.  It is the power of Christ that enables Satan to be put away.
    6. Feast of Tabernacles – Who is ruling during the Millennium?
    7. Last Great Day – Who is sitting on the Great White Throne?

Even after 1995, I just have trouble believing how little some understand.

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