Friction Between Britain and Mainland Europe

On 1 May 2004, the European Union (EU) expanded by 10 members.1  As the EU marked the 5th anniversary of this event, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement went on the attack.  The Telegraph reported on 1 May, “Britain has ‘irrational’ view of Europe, says commissioner”.

Commissioner Ollie Rehn acknowledges that some countries are skeptical about expansion during a recessionary period.  Britain, for example, has had recent protests due to jobs being taken over by migrant workers.

While this is a relatively minor issue, at least at this point, it has been part of the trend that Britain has been ambivalent over their role in the EU.  Britain’s non-acceptance of the euro is another example of Britain’s separateness.

At some point, Britain will be cut off from the rest of Europe.  The US and Great Britain will lose their world leadership roles and eventually descend into slavery while Europe bands together to form the political Beast power of Revelation.


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