“Russia Will Teach Aggressors a Lesson”

The 9 May 2009 Telegraph reports “Dmitry Medvedev at Moscow missile parade: ‘Russia will teach aggressors a lesson’”. During a parade commemorating the victory over the Nazis 64 years ago, President Medvedev gave a speech about the external threats to Russia.

On the one hand, this may be a way of distracting people from the economic situation. Falling oil prices and fewer exports have taken its toll on Russia. There even has been speculation that if the economy does not turn around by the next election, then Medvedev might be shown the door.

Whatever the case, one thing is clear: Russia is not going to stop building up their military, including nuclear weapons. In addition, as COG Writer reported on 30 April 2009, “Russia and China to Increase Military Cooperation”.

While the Bible does not identify them, it is certain that the “kings of the east” (Rev 16:12) will band together in the end times to confront the Beast, aka King of the North. War will not cease until God’s Kingdom is firmly established on the earth.

During the days of the Soviet Union, it was often overlooked that the majority of the land under control of the Soviets was in Asia. Russia is not truly European, and the friction between Russia and Europe is evident in the charge that the “EU accuses Russia of ‘destroying trust’”.

Europe will gather together under one central government and Asia will gather together under another. Prophecy also shows there will be a power center called the “King of the South”, which will likely be a conglomerate of Islamic nations. While there will certainly be an attempt at a “one world government’”, these 3 power centers are destined to collide into world war.

The good news is that Jesus Christ will intervene and stop the madness.

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