As the Tierra Turns: Hypocrisy on the Right

I’m not sure who shows more hypocrisy, Perez Hilton or the National Organization for Marriage. While we are at it, what about the hypocrisy of Carrie Prejean herself?

This is a soap opera! The only difference is that you just cannot make this stuff up. Perez Hilton showed his hypocrisy by claiming Prejean shouldn’t be polarizing when asked a polarizing question. Prejean loses to what’s her name (no one can actually remember who won with all this going on!). Some, including Prejean, claim with some legitimacy that she lost because she stood up for her Christian convictions. We then see her become a target of all sorts of liberals, including a veiled threat from a British politician (why the Brits care about Miss USA in the first place is an interesting question).

Next, we see quite a turn of events. We see Prejean being paraded around as a spokesperson for conservative causes including the National Organization for Marriage. We even see her being interviewed by Dr James Dobson, and after taping of the show, it is discovered that Prejean had posed for some revealing photos. Yet, Focus on the Family said they were going on with the airing of the interview. Jim Daly, President and CEO of FoF, “pointed out that we are all sinners, saved by grace,” according to the CitizenLink article.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that she lied on her Miss USA application about previous nude or racy photos, which got her in a lot of trouble with the Miss USA Committee. However, she was kept on by that paragon of virtue Donald Trump.

This makes my head swim. As I understand it, the new spokeswoman for conservative Christian values is a liar who poses topless and shows no remorse over it. Rather than being repentant of her actions, she accuses the photographer of trickery. It reminds me of Eve in the Garden of Eden blaming the serpent.

Do I care about the Miss USA pageant? Frankly, no. Do I even care that Prejean posed topless? Frankly, no. If she does something dumb and repents of it, what do I care? However, lying and making excuses about it only compounds the problem. I have a real problem with trusting what she says right now, and so should anyone else.

Christianity Today ran the article “Focus on the Family Defends Miss California, Dobson to Interview Prejean (Updated)” on 8 May 2009 about most of this. It is a pretty bland article, but one of the comments was spot on: “I think focus on the family should tell young girls and Ms. Prejean to keep their clothes on”. Maybe they should tell them not to lie on applications, either.

Compare this mess to Bristol Palin. Granted, that is a mess too, but at least she voiced regret in the Telegraph article “Bristol Palin campaigns for teenage abstinence“, which reads, “She told a US TV show that she regrets becoming a mother at such a young age.” Here is someone who made a mistake and is willing to own up to it. Here is someone who is willing to stand up to ridicule and press on without making excuses.

If not someone like Bristol Palin, then perhaps the people that should be speaking for Christian values in this country should be the people that have been laid off, yet they refuse to compromise their values by lying on their job applications, and so they have the utmost difficulty finding jobs. Yes, I personally know someone like that.

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