Were the Ancients Slackers?

Could the ancient tribe of Dan have sailed around the world?

How many times have you heard, “Ancient people couldn’t have [fill in the blank]”? Yet, whenever someone says that, it is usually only a matter of time before someone proves them wrong.

I would like someone to explain to me the ancient pyramids, which accurately align with the North Star and have cut stones so precisely cut that you cannot stick a piece of paper in between the cracks. I would like someone to explain to me Stonehenge, with its mammoth rocks pointing to the constellations.

Of course ancient Israel couldn’t have possibly migrated from Egypt to the land of Canaan, could they? Ancient Israel couldn’t have possibly visited Los Lunas, NM and carved out the 10 Commandments, could they?

In spite of scoffing, people have measured out the size of Noah’s ark and determined that it is possible to fit all the animals on board. In fact, one man created a replica of the ark and is working on a full scale model to sail around the Netherlands.

Not only is Noah’s ark possible, but it is also possible that the tribe of Dan could have reached a good portion of the world during the height of Israel’s power in the region.

As evidence, I would like to draw attention to a 27 April 2009 Telegraph.co.uk article that a “Chinese sailing boat sinks before completing 17,000-mile voyage”.

A replica 17th Century junk built to prove that China’s ancient mariners could have reached America before Columbus or Magellan has sunk off the coast of Taiwan just a day’s sailing short of completing a 17,000-mile return crossing of the Pacific.

In some ways, it is a sad story because they were rammed by Liberian cargo vessel within sight of their goal. The captain said, “We all but made it. We had earned 99 marks [out of 100]. It’s a pity that we couldn’t earn the last one mark. No word can describe how sorry I am.”

Yet, all in all, it was a successful completion of the mission because it proved that such a vessel could have sailed to North America and back around 600 years ago. The replica was built using hand tools. It took 6 years to build. Although the replica boat leaked, it did survive several storms. The boat reached San Francisco after only five months using sails.

So, were the ancients just a bunch of slackers?

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