Israel to Turn Over Holy Sites to Vatican?

The Telegraph reports in “Christian holy sites in Israel ‘could be controlled by the Vatican’”:

The sovereignty of Christian holy sites in Israel could be handed over to the Vatican under plans drawn up by President Shimon Peres.

…For the past twelve years the Israeli government and the Vatican have been deadlocked in discussions over the status of certain Christian holy places, officials claimed, but Mr Peres is said to be pressing the issue ahead of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Israel next week.

There will again come a “time of the Gentiles” when Jerusalem will not be controlled by Israelites (Lk 21:24; cf Rev 11:2). This will be during the Great Tribulation. Control of Jerusalem will be the spark that plunges all nations into going to war with each other. That time hasn’t come yet, but God’s word will stand true.


Kraft, Dina. (2009, May 4). Christian holy sites in Israel ‘could be controlled by the Vatican’. Telegraph. Retrieved from

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