Has an Archaeologist Discovered Evidence of Israelite Entrance into Canaan?

Haaretz.com published an article on 14 April 2009 asking “Have the first Israelite sites built after Exodus been found?

Haifa University Prof. Adam Zertal is one of the few that believe to have found evidence of the Israelite conquest of Canaan. Most do not believe it is possible to verify that event or the Exodus. He believes he has now found large compounds in the Jordan Valley.

Previously, he discovered a compound he believes is Mt Ebal. He is not without his detractors, though.

It is interesting what modern scholarship will dispute. There are many who do not believe in a literal Exodus from Egypt, or they believe it was a few thousand Israelites at most. Yet, it is often the exact things that skeptics nay-say that turn up on archaeological digs.

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